Asmita Dubey


Passionate about understanding and mitigating water pollution. Currently pursuing a PhD on the effects of psychopharmaceutical waste in surface waters on the aquatic ecosystem.


Asmita has a background in Biology and Environmental Science. She did a bachelor's in Life sciences from St.Xavier's University, Mumbai, India. And a Master's degree in Aquatic Ecology from Wageningen University and Research in 2020. During the master she studied the effect of antidepressant fluoxetine on aquatic species through behavioural bioassays, and compared the efficacy of lab based experiments to semi-controlled field experiments (mesocosms). In 2020, Asmita started working in the Aquatic Ecology department of NIOO-KNAW on the topic of 'Understanding and mitigating the subtle effects of psychoactive drugs on aquatic ecosystem functioning'. She will be conducting lab experiments as well as mesocosm experiments to gain a deeper understanding of subtle effects, such as effects on behaviour and infochemical mediated communication. 

Projecten & samenwerkingen


  • Global Lake Ecological Observatory Network-GLEON projects

    Project 2011–Present
    At the AKWA group we are involved in numerous GLEON projects
  • Understanding and mitigating the subtle effects of psychoactive drugs on aquatic foodweb functioning (Psychopharmac'eau)

    Project 2020–2024
    Over a million Dutch citizens use psychopharmaca like anti-depressants and anti-psychotics, which enter surface waters after use. Designed to affect the nervous system, psychopharmaca will mimic so-called infochemicals, and influence communication and behaviour of organisms. Thereby psychopharmaca potentially disrupt ecosystem structure and functioning. Their expected increased use challenges the management of water quality. This project focuses on possible reductions of emissions and effects. We aim at possibilities to improve regulations, to design more friendly alternatives, understand ecosystem effects and mitigate effects by water treatment technologies and nature-based solutions. Psychopharmac'eau is a collaborative project between NIOO-KNAW, University of Amsterdam(UvA) and Wageningen University and Research(WUR).
    Outdoor Mesocosms