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  1. Symposium success reveals huge potential of rewilding

    09/12/2020 With over 2000 participants, the enormous interest in last week’s Rewilding Symposium shows that rewilding is being increasingly embraced as a progressive approach to conservation.
    Symposium benoeming Liesbeth Bakker
  2. National Science Agenda: how do we keep our biological clocks healthy?

    27/11/2020 Dutch researchers joining forces in the BioClock consortium - including NIOO's Kamiel Spoelstra - have won 9.7 million euros to keep our biological clocks healthy. 
  3. Plant roots grow towards soil fungi

    16/10/2020 Plant roots not only release odours themselves, but also appear to react to odours released by beneficial and harmful fungi in the soil. In her PhD research at NIOO, Kay Moisan found that this 'sense of smell' has a positive effect on the eventual health of the plant.
    Brassica rapa
  4. Centre of Excellence launched at Naturalis Biodiversity Gala

    02/10/2020 At the Naturalis Biodiversity Gala, NIOO-director Geert de Snoo presented the new Centre of Excellence for Netherlands Biodiversity Research: a joint venture that brings together four leading Dutch knowledge institutes.
    Geert de Snoo at the Naturalis Biodiversity Gala
  5. Arctic migratory birds project wins Netherlands Polar Programme funding

    28/08/2020 The Dutch Research Council (NWO) has awarded funding to Bart Nolet's project 'Arctic migratory birds over the edge?'
  6. High time to open up ecological research

    Press release
    29/07/2020 An international team of ecologists found that only a quarter of the scientific papers in their field publicly shares computer code for analyses.
    Computer code
  7. Learning to recover biodiversity in three 'living labs'

    24/07/2020 What actually works when it comes to protecting plants and animals? Researchers are joining forces with businesses and societal organisations in three 'living labs' to find out.
  8. Nationwide approach to boosting knowledge of biodiversity in the Netherlands

    Press release
    10/07/2020 To boost knowledge about biodiversity in the Netherlands, Naturalis Biodiversity Center, NIOO-KNAW, NIOZ-NWO and Westerdijk Fungal Biodiversity Institute have joined forces.
    Biodiversiteit in Nederland
  9. Open Science prize for Antica Culina's SPI-Birds project

    03/07/2020 In a special online session, Antica Culina from NIOO's department of Animal Ecology has received an award for using Open Science to make research more accessible. The Open Science Use Case Awards are part of the National Open Science Festival, which has had to be rescheduled because of the corona situation.
    Antica Culina
  10. Fatal accident Scheveningen linked to unusual plankton bloom

    05/06/2020 An accident in Scheveningen, in which five surfers drowned, is likely to have been caused by algal remains together with strong winds
  11. Eiko Kuramae appointed professor of Microbial Community Ecology & Environmental Genomics

    04/06/2020 Eiko Kuramae has been named professor by special appointment of Microbial Community Ecology & Environmental Genomics at Utrecht University.
    Eiko Kuramae
  12. Vroege Vogels in Wageningen: where nature and science meet

    28/05/2020 According to the Dutch television programme Vroege Vogels, Wageningen is 'thé place where nature and science meet", with NIOO in a starring role.
    Vroege Vogels in Wageningen