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  1. The relationship between yield loss and grazing pressure: implications for goose management

    Grazing by geese can cause a lot of damage to agricultural crops. Goose management aims to reduce such damages, for example by actively reducing population sizes.
  2. Teabags and temperature data

    Yesterday I digged out the teabags that have been buried in the ground (under the snow as well!) for 3 months to measure decomposition rates in a standardised way.
    Tubs with soil and fungi covered with snow
  3. The taste of soil fungi

    This summer I grew potato plants in my experimental containers. Potato plants are famous for producing potatoes and at the end of the summer I was left with kilos of them.
    Potatoes being weighed
  4. Potatoes are ready!

    I set-up the main mesocosm experiment in the containers using sterile soil as background and 4 donor soils with varying levels and traits of fungi.
    Hannula in a field with cows
  5. Learning from nature: Using plant-soil feedback effects to improve disease control and sustainability in greenhouse cut-flowers

    In this post I will look back on our past project on using plant-soil feedbacks to improve the growth of Chrysanthemum, an important cut flower crop in The Netherlands.
    Red chrysanthemum blooming in greenhouse
  6. Looking for student(s) to work with me!

    Research is always team work and thus, I am looking for more members to join our team!
    Emilia and her colleagues working in the field
  7. Life as an academic researcher

    Just realized I have not posted in a while and that I will be away this week as well. Things have not been standing still here and in past few weeks a lot has happened.
    Emilia sitting at a table with a laptop, listening in a meeting
  8. (Still) searching for the best soil in the Netherlands – search expanded to be Europe-wide

    I described my ideal soil and launched the search for the best soils in the Netherlands. I’ve got quite some good nominations so far.
    Hannula's child running in the woods in Finland
  9. Searching for the best soil in the Netherlands

    What is a good soil? What is a healthy soil? People in different fields would answer very differently.
    Soil sampling
  10. Here we go!

    'My' project called ‘Learning from nature– towards sustainable crop production using soil fungi’ officially starts today and I cannot wait to start the experiments!
    Mushrooms in the forest floor