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Each year, some 40 of our experts are in the news. From toxic cyanobacteria to soil biodiversity and bird personality. For press inquiries, please contact Froukje Rienks,  head of PR & Science Communication.

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  1. Fireworks have long-lasting effects on wild birds

    Press release
    An international team of scientists has examined the long-term effects of fireworks on wild birds.
    Fireworks in the sky
  2. ‘Insects need our help in a warming world, now’

    Press release
    ‘If no action is taken to better understand and reduce the impact of climate change on insects, we will drastically limit our chances of a sustainable future with healthy ecosystems.’ This warning in a very topical paper in Ecological Monographs comes from 70 scientists from 19 countries around the world. But, they also provide ways to help insects in a warming world complete with management strategies.
    One of the insect species impacted by climate change
  3. Getting to know your 'downstairs' neighbours

    Press release
    Between 23 September and 5 October, we're asking you to go on a safari in your own garden, do the survey, and spread the word to as many people as possible.
    Bodemdierendagen 2022
  4. Predicting soil biodiversity to make food production more sustainable

    Press release
    Fields and meadows provide a range of key services, as long as the soil is healthy. A group of researchers and companies will study how farmlands can be returned to multifunctionality.
  5. New children's book about soil animals for Dutch schools

    Press release
    Dutch primary schools receive a free copy this week of the soil animal-themed new children's book by popular author Janneke Schotveld.
    Omslag van Mevrouw Mol van Janneke Schotveld
  6. Climate change could make cyanobacteria more toxic

    Press release
    Climate change could result in more toxic cyanobacteria. But what determines their toxicity? Dedmer van de Waal has won a major European grant to find out.
  7. New lectureship on 'climate-robust' landscapes connects nature and agriculture

    Press release
    A new research group set up by NIOO and HAS University of Applied Sciences is asking how alternative forms of agriculture can improve water quality and biodiversity.
    Ellen Weerman
  8. High time to open up ecological research

    Press release
    29/07/2020 An international team of ecologists found that only a quarter of the scientific papers in their field publicly shares computer code for analyses.
    Computer code
  9. Nationwide approach to boosting knowledge of biodiversity in the Netherlands

    Press release
    10/07/2020 To boost knowledge about biodiversity in the Netherlands, Naturalis Biodiversity Center, NIOO-KNAW, NIOZ-NWO and Westerdijk Fungal Biodiversity Institute have joined forces.
    Biodiversiteit in Nederland
  10. It takes more than two to tango: Microbial communities influence sex and reproduction in animals

    Press release
    The reproductive tracts of males and females contain whole communities of micro-organisms. These microbes can have considerable impact on (animal) fertility and reproduction, as shown by Melissah Rowe from the NIOO-KNAW.
    Illustratie van zaadcel met microben
  11. Researchers united on international road map to insect recovery

    Press release
    It’s no secret that many insects are struggling worldwide. But we could fix these insects’ problems, according to more than 70 scientists from 21 countries. Their road map to insect conservation and recovery is published in Nature Ecology & Evolution this week. From urgent ‘no-regret’ solutions to long-term global comparisons.
    Foto's van verschillende soorten insecten in een collage
  12. Gardens can be havens for soil animals in towns and cities

    Press release
    Nearly 1000 'citizen scientists' sent in their observations this year on Soil Animal Days 2019. And a surprisingly high number of people tried to do something in return for the vital services these soil creatures provide for us.
    Top 3 Soil Animals in Dutch Gardens 2019