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  1. Climate change could make cyanobacteria more toxic

    Press release
    Climate change could result in more toxic cyanobacteria. But what determines their toxicity? Dedmer van de Waal has won a major European grant to find out.
  2. New UN environment report tackles 'mismatches' and other emerging concerns

    The latest UN Environment Frontiers Report has been launched in the Kenyan capital Nairobi.
    Frontiers 2022 Rapport (banner)
  3. New lectureship on 'climate-robust' landscapes connects nature and agriculture

    Press release
    A new research group set up by NIOO and HAS University of Applied Sciences is asking how alternative forms of agriculture can improve water quality and biodiversity.
    Ellen Weerman
  4. Large herbivores can bend the curve of biodiversity loss in tropical forests

    A 10-year experiment in Brazil’s endangered Atlantic Forest, led by NIOO-researcher Nacho Villar, has found that there's less biodiversity loss in areas where large herbivores can roam free.
    Morro do Diabo
  5. Jos Raaijmakers and Wim van der Putten on 2021 list of highly cited researchers

    Clarivate Analytics has published its annual Web of Science list of highly cited researchers. Included for the fourth year running are NIOO researchers Jos Raaijmakers and Wim van der Putten.
    Clarivate Highly Cited Researchers 2021
  6. Elly Morriën and Emilia Hannula awarded Teylers Foundation gold medal

    Emilia Hannula and Elly Morriën have been awarded the Teylers Foundation’s gold medal at a ceremony in Haarlem. The two soil researchers - who both did their PhD research at NIOO - won an essay competition set by the foundation.
    Gouden prijspenning Teylers Stichting
  7. Common insecticide linked to extreme decline in freshwater insects

    Thiacloprid, a widely-used pesticide, can cause a large-scale decline in freshwater insects. This was discovered by a team of researchers from Leiden University, including current NIOO-director Geert de Snoo.
  8. Soil Animal Days 2021 kick off on NIOO roof

    24/09/2021 The seventh edition of the annual Soil Animal Days has been launched from NIOO's green roof. The theme this year is the double lives of soil animals, above- and/or belowground. There's another important duality as well: many soil animals are in decline. For them, it may soon be do or die.
    Slak op het NIOO-terrein (Bodemdierendagen 2021)
  9. New NIOO department head Suzanne McGowan: "Water networks are the world’s waste disposal system"

    New head of Aquatic Ecology Suzanne McGowan comes to NIOO with a passion for lakes, wide experience working across disciplines and a research and teaching record that includes Malaysia and Greenland.
    Suzanne McGowan
  10. Starting this month: ten years of special attention for restoring ecosystems worldwide

    05/06/2021 The United Nations has launched its 'Decade on Ecosystem Restoration': a rallying call for the protection and revival of ecosystems around the world. But what does it actually take for ecosystems to be restored, and how can ecological research contribute?
    Clue Field
  11. Kay Moisan wins Hugo de Vries Award

    16/04/2021 Kay Moisan has won the 2020 Hugo de Vries Award, for her PhD thesis on odours released by soil fungi and their effects on plants.
    Key Moisan met de Hugo de Vries Prijs
  12. The earlier birds pair, the better they fare

    27/02/2021 The breeding season may seem worlds away amidst the recent winter cold, but a research team led by Antica Culina has found that the earlier in the year great tits meet their 'spouse', the more likely they are to breed successfully.
    Koolmees in de sneeuw