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  1. Beneath your feet, soil microbes are getting fat

    Microbes, like humans, can eat 'junk food' and grow fat. This even happens when you might not expect it, according to NIOO researcher Kyle Mason-Jones
    Microbes under your feet grow fat
  2. Jos Raaijmakers elected member of the KNAW

    NIOO's head of Microbial Ecology Jos Raaijmakers has been elected a member of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW).
    Jos Raaijmakers
  3. Expedition to uncover invisible life in Galápagos

    Press release
    An international research team led by the Netherlands Institute of Ecology (NIOO-KNAW) is to search for invisible life in the Galápagos Islands.
    Scalesia forest
  4. Forest soil boost for iconic Dutch national park

    A major NIOO-supervised experiment is underway in one of the Netherlands most iconic nature areas, with a key role for the soil.
    Freddy, Wim en Sam op de Hoge Veluwe
  5. Developing digital twins to help understand ecosystems

    LTER-LIFE aims to study and predict how global change affects ecosystems. It is one of nine projects that have just won funding for setting up and improving large-scale research infrastructure.
  6. Global comparison shows: soil transplantation boosts nature restoration

    Press release
    A new study comparing 46 field experiments in 17 countries across four continents shows that areas in need of nature restoration benefit from soil transplantation. The results were collected by an international team led by Jasper Wubs (NIOO-KNAW).
    Bodemtransplantatie in Nederland
  7. The pandemic and the 'anthropause': European lessons for water managers

    The COVID-19 pandemic presented scientists with a unique opportunity to study the effects of an ‘anthropause’: an abrupt reduction of, and/or alteration in, human activities.
    Rondvaartboten in Amsterdam tijdens de pandemie
  8. Is agroforestry the answer for rainforest restoration?

    The conversion of Amazon rainforest for agriculture has led to deforestation and soil degradation. Agroforestry has been suggested as a sustainable alternative, but NIOO's Eiko Kuramae says its impact on the soil needs to be more fully considered.
    Márcio Leite & Eiko Kuramae
  9. Soil has no borders, and neither should soil policy

    Zonder gezonde, biodiverse bodem geen gezonde samenleving. Maar hoe vertaal je dat in goed beleid?
    Soil policy banner
  10. Spotlight on living soil at COP15 biodiversity conference

    The UN Biodiversity Conference in Montreal (COP15) is discussing global action to reverse biodiversity loss. Healthy, living soil is of key importance.
    Bodemlven onderzoeken
  11. Stairway to Impact Award for Kamiel Spoelstra

    Kamiel Spoelstra is this year's winner of the Stairway to Impact Award. The Dutch Research Council (NWO) has awarded him the prize for his contribution towards the acquisition and propagation of knowledge about the impact of artificial light on flora and fauna.
    Lantarenpalen in het bos voor het Licht op natuur project
  12. Fireworks have long-lasting effects on wild birds

    Press release
    An international team of scientists has examined the long-term effects of fireworks on wild birds.
    Fireworks in the sky