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  1. PhD thesis defence Haymanti Saha: microbe-mediated plant growth and defences

    On Monday 5 June 2023, Haymanti Saha will defend her PhD thesis titled "Context-dependency of microbe-mediated plant growth and defences". The ceremony starts at 13:30 h., at Wageningen University & Research.
    Plant growth
  2. PhD thesis defence Natalie van Dis: rapid adaptation to climate change in winter moth

    On 6 June 2023, Natalie van Dis will defend her PhD thesis titled "Evolution in action: drivers of rapid adaptation to climate change in the winter moth". The ceremony will start at 12:45 h., in the academy building of the University of Groningen.
    Winter moth
  3. PhD thesis defence Keli Li: Soil memory effects

    On Wednesday 7 June 2023, Keli Li will defend her PhD thesis titled "Soil memory effects on aboveground-belowground interactions".
    grond doorsnede
  4. PhD thesis defence Morgane Van Antro: DNA methylation and stress

    On Tuesday 20 June 2023, Morgane Van Antro will defend her PhD thesis titled 'DNA methylation dynamics in reponse to stress: An insight into stress-induced and stably inherited DNA methylation variants in asexual and sexual plants'.
  5. BiodiversityXL Community Event at NIOO

    The next BiodiversityXL Community Event is coming up soon and this time it's going to be at NIOO!
    NIOO building with orchid
  6. PhD thesis defence Krista van den Heuvel: cognitive differences in great tits

    On Tuesday 27 June 2023, Krista van den Heuvel will defend her PhD thesis, titled "The flexible brain: Causes of individual variation in cognitive flexibility".
    Koolmees Westerheide
  7. Big NIOO Open Day

    Saturday 7 October will mark NIOO's first big Open Day since 2019. Everyone is welcome!
    Open Dag 2019 Greenhouses