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  1. 10th edition IVN Dutch Ditch Days

    The 10th edition of the IVN Dutch Ditch Days will take place between 10 and 16 June 2024. During these days, IVN guides children in taking a closer look at the aquatic animals and plantlife in Dutch ditches. NIOO uses the observations the children make to study the water quality.
    IVN Slootjesdagen
  2. PhD thesis defence Claire Hermans: Bats in the spotlight

    On 25 June, Claire Hermans will defend her PhD thesis, titled "Bats in the spotlight: Spatiotemporal response of foraging and commuting bats to anthropogenic light at night".
  3. PhD thesis defence Aurelia Strauss: Variation in avian chronotype

    On 9 July, Aurelia Strauss will defend her PhD thesis, titled "Variation in avian chronotype: causes and consequences".
  4. National Soil Animal Days 2024

    Every year around World Animal Day, we go on safari in our own gardens looking for the important but often overlooked soil animals. This year marks the 10th edition of the Soil Animal Days.
    Zoekkaart bodemdieren
  5. Postgraduate course: New frontiers in microbial ecology & climate change

    In November, a five-day course on microbial ecology & climate change will be organised on Schiermonnikoog. Our colleague Eiko Kuramae from the Department of Microbial Ecology and professor at Utrecht University is one of the organisers.