Wim van der Putten and Jos Raaijmakers named 'Highly Cited Researcher' for fifth year running

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Wim van der Putten and Jos Raaijmakers named 'Highly Cited Researcher' for fifth year running


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Clarivate Analytics has published its latest annual list of highly cited researchers. Two NIOO-researchers are included for the fifth year running:  Jos Raaijmakers en Wim van der Putten. This year, they're joined by Martijn Bezemer (Leiden University) who states NIOO as a secondary affiliation.

Only one in a thousand researchers gets to be included in highly anticipated worldwide list. Clarivate bases its selection on publications that rank in the top 1% by citations for field and publication year in the Web of Science citation index.  

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    Wim van der Putten
  • Jos Raaijmakers
    Jos Raaijmakers
  • Perro de Jong / NIOO-KNAW
    Martijn Bezemer

Most influential

6,938 researchers from 69 countries and regions have been named 'Highly Cited Researcher' (HCR) this year. Jos Raaijmakers is once again included in the list because of his  influence among his peers in the field of microbiology.

Terrestrial ecologists Wim van der Putten and Martijn Bezemer - who is now a professor in Leiden but remains active at NIOO as a guest researcher - are both included in Clarivate's 'cross-field' category, for which they must have influence equivalent to that of those featured in one of the individual subject categories.

NIOO-researchers Marcel Visser (2015, 2016 and 2017) and Hans van Veen (2001) were previously listed as highly cited researchers. Clarivate: "Once a researcher is designated as Highly Cited by Clarivate Analytics, that researcher is always deemed Highly Cited in our view."

Research misconduct

Clarivate says the selection process was more in-depth this year, in an effort to navigate increasing levels of research misconduct in the academic community. After the initial selection, analysts focused on factors such as retractions and extreme self-citation, both in the highly cited publications and in other publications by the same researchers.