Student project Licht op Natuur

Student project Licht op Natuur


Light pollution is increasingly recognised as one of the strongest anthropogenic factors that can impact ecosystems. At the NIOO-KNAW, we investigate the impact of light on nocturnal species, such as bats, amphibians, mice and mustelids. We try to understand their response to the colour composition of light, and the ligth intensity

What we look for

We are always keen to supervise highly motivated students interested in the impact of artificial light at night on various species. Possibilities vary by time of year and ongoing projects. Currently, there are for example possibilities to work on the impact of light at night on bats between May - September (see also posted separately in the vacancy directory on the NIOO-KNAW site).


The timing and duration of your project may vary, and depend on the species group of interest. Please get in touch with us in case you would like to work on a specific species group.


A healthy curiosity and persistence is essential, as is a driving license. Interest in image and data analysis and statistics is important as well.  


Dr. Kamiel Spoelstra, NIOO-KNAW

Drs. Claire Hermans, NIOO-KNAW

Ir. Sander Buddendorf, NIOO-KNAW