One Health PACT - Predicting Arboviruses Climate Tipping points

Project 2020–2025


Our water-dominated landscape, combined with a dense human- and livestock population make the Netherlands particularly vulnerable to outbreaks of zoonotic viral diseases that are transmitted by mosquitoes among avian and mammalian host species.

The One Health PACT is a research collaboration of experts in a wide variety of fields relevant for infectious disease outbreaks, ranging from ecological and climate modelling to medical entomology, virology and public health.

The aim of our project is to prepare for vector borne diseases outbreaks in a rapidly changing environment. We do this through work in four main research areas: ecosystem mapping; forecasting and early detection; impact and severity assessment; interventions. At NIOO-KNAW, we concentrate on the role of wild birds as hosts and vectors for a number of zoonotic diseases.