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Each year, some 60 of our experts are in the news. From toxic cyanobacteria to soil biodiversity and bird personalities. For press inquiries, please contact Froukje Rienks,  head of PR & Science Communication.

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  1. Migratory animals create worldwide ecosystem

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    WAGENINGEN – In the animal kingdom, travel is key: that is the conclusion of Silke Bauer’s research in a nutshell. The NIOO-ecologist and an Australian colleague list the numerous species that migrate from one location to another. According to the two researchers, the effects of these migrations on world ecosystems have been overlooked. Time to give the billions of geese, locusts, butterflies, herrings and wildebeest that wander the globe their proper due.
    Wilde dieren
  2. 'Excellent' rating for NIOO's Avian Migration Centre

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    WAGENINGEN - NIOO-KNAW's Centre for Avian Migration and Demography has ringed birds and studied their migration patterns for over a century. In its first-ever peer review, the Centre has been rated 'excellent'.
  3. NIOO plants 'food forest'

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    WAGENINGEN – The Netherlands Institute of Ecology is to have its own 'food forest'. Researchers and students have begun planting a variety of fruits, vegetables and other edible plant species in the grounds around the NIOO building. No fertilizers are being used: the principles of a natural forest apply. In the future, fruits from the agroforest will be served in the NIOO canteen.
  4. 'Neighbour-plants' determine insects' feeding choices

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    WAGENINGEN – Insects are choosier than you might think: whether or not they end up feeding on a particular plant depends on much more than just the species to which that plant belongs. The quality of the individual plant is an important factor as well. As is the variety of other plants growing around it. But what, ultimately, makes an insect choose one plant over another?

  5. Research on ecosystems of the future has started

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    What will happen when a plant moves to higher latitudes driven by climate change, potentially leaving behind friends and foes?
    Grote bakken met aarde staan op het Van der Puttenplein