Bakker Group

Bakker Group

Aquatic Ecology

The impact of herbivores on macrophyte establishment, community composition and ecosystem functions is measured in field experiments in concert with other potential drivers of macrophyte diversity (WATERPLANTFlexpeil, SWAMP). In turn we measure how macrophyte community composition and species identity affects their ecosystem functions (see projects: INVASIVESMacromanage).

Special attention is given to the role of exotic plants and herbivores in the aquatic ecosystem (see projects: INVASIVESACTIEVIS/CRAYFISH). Furthermore the role of herbivores as vectors of dispersal of aquatic organisms is studied (see project: SNAIL). The knowledge generated by the research in the Bakker group is applied in nature conservation and lake restoration (see projects: FlexpeilTERRAMacromanage, SWAMP).


  • Plant-herbivore interactions in aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems
  • Macrophyte ecology
  • Drivers of establishment and diversity of macrophyte communities
  • Ecosystem functions of macrophytes
  • Nature conservation

Former group members

Tibor Bukovinszky, Martijn Dorenbosch, Bert Hidding,  Casper van Leeuwen, Judith Sarneel, Ciska Veen