METS (Microalgae eco-technological solutions)

METS collage
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Applying ecological knowledge for nature-based solutions that improve water quality and safe valorisation of resources. That is what METS stands for.

METS explores the potential of microalgae-bacteria biodiversity and interactions for ecological and sustainable eco-technologies. We combine knowledge on aquatic microbial ecology and environmental biotechnology, for designing engineered ecosystems that provide targeted functions (services). These include the removal of macro nutrients (N, P, etc), the recovery of carbon, macro nutrients and micro elements (Zn, Mg, etc.) and the removal of anthropogenic pollutants, such as pharmaceuticals and pesticides, from (waste)waters.

If you are interested in collaborating with METS please contact Tânia V. Fernandes.

Tania Fernandes / NIOO-KNAW

Only by understanding the fundamental ecological mechanisms of microorganisms can we design the novel engineered ecosystems for the future sustainable and circular society.

Tania V. Fernandes

Novel ecosystems for a sustainable future

It is time to think circular, just like nature, the waste of one is the resource of the other. We generate knowledge to design nature-based sustainable technologies that combine microalgae and bacteria and can recover the wide number of valuable elements present in wastewater while removing the harmful pollutants. The valuable microalgal biomass that can be used as a raw material for the production of fertilizers, biostimulants, bioplastic, and added value products.

We host BSc, MSc, PhD and Post-docs. Please contact Tânia V. Fernandes.

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Dr. ir. Tania V. Fernandes

Guest researcher