IDEA committee: working on diversity, inclusion, equity and accessibility

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IDEA committee: working on diversity, inclusion, equity and accessibility

IDEA stands for Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Accessibility: important subjects for a research institute. At NIOO, we now have a special IDEA committee dedicated to this subject and taking concrete actions. 

The IDEA commitee's mission

NIOO's committee advocates for and adopts practices that promote inclusivity, equity and accessibility. This way, its members from NIOO's community hope to stimulate a diverse and functioning organisation. We believe that creating a safe workplace will improve the lives of the people working at the institute, and will better enable us to perform and stimulate ecological research, and share our ecological knowledge with society.

We strive to be an open-minded, forwardthinking and supportive place to work.

Suzanne McGowan, Chair IDEA committee at NIOO

The IDEA vision

Inclusivity, equity and accessibility are critical to support and grow diversity in a flourishing organisation. The committee's vision is:

  • Diversity: people with a broad spectrum of personal attributes, cultural affiliations, and professional or socio-economic statuses feel safe and supported to offer different viewpoints. 
  • Inclusion: all people at the institution are able to contribute to their highest potential.
  • Equity: all are given a fair chance to participate in the functioning of NIOO.
  • Accessibility: by championing and enabling accessibility, we can ensure that everyone is included so they can play their part. 

We are all learning together about how to make our workplace and working relationships better, so please get involved.

Suzanne McGowan, Chair IDEA committee at NIOO

What are the actions?

NIOO's IDEA committee focuses on four domains to realise its vision.

  • We encourage and facilitate people and groups who are currently underrepresented at NIOO to join our organisation so that we can mutually benefit and learn from one another.
  • We will create an ecosystem in which any individual or group feels respected, supported, valued and welcomed to participate fully. We will value and support people across all roles and career stages.
  • We will ensure that people are equipped to plan and pursue a fulfilling career pathway, which may lead to destinations inside and outside of the institute. By supporting IDEA principles in career progression, we will ensure equity of opportunity for people at NIOO.
  • A balanced organisation has a healthy turnover and we will strive to ensure that NIOO plays an enriching role in people’s career journey. They can take forward the IDEA principles into their future careers.