Inaugural lecture by Dedmer van de Waal

Dedmer van de Waal
© Perro de Jong / NIOO-KNAW

Inaugural lecture by Dedmer van de Waal


Dedmer van de Waal will deliver his inaugural lecture as Professor by special appointment of Aquatic Functional Ecology at the University of Amsterdam on Thursday 6 July: 'Functions Matter'.

Van de Waal was appointed to the new chair in July of last year, and is combining his position with his work as a senior researcher in NIOO's department of Aquatic Ecology.

The amount and balance of elements such as carbon (C), nitrogen (N) and (P) in ecosystems worldwide is changing as a consequence of human action. These elements are the building blocks of life. In his inaugural lecture, Van de Waal will outline his research into the impact of these changes on ecological interactions and the functioning of aquatic ecosystems.

Central to this are the effects of eutrophication and climate change, on aquatic biodiversity and on toxic algal blooms. Van de Waal hopes the new chair will contribute to a better understanding of the impact of human activity on aquatic ecosystems.

  • A live stream of Dedmer van de Waal's inaugural lecture will be available through this link.