Green roof 2.0

Het groene dak van NIOO-KNAW

Green roof 2.0

Imagine an oasis of green high above the bustle of urban life… at NIOO, nature's going through the roof!


So what’s the deal with our award-winning roof? Plants on your roof not only filter water and air, they also help to keep buildings cool and insulated, and they store excess water. For endangered plant and animal species, a green roof can be a shelter. And it’s also a form of compensation for the space occupied by the building at ground level: nature is literally going through the roof! Just imagine: a green, urban oasis high above the rush and bustle of everyday life…


Look beyond the obvious succulents: we’re trying out different combinations of plants, including grasses and herbs. To let plants flourish on the roof we need a smart substrate that offers both a robust basis and efficient drainage. That means we’re also testing different soils in 45 ‘mini-polders’ with a soil layer of about 10 cm.