Mooij Group

Mooij Group

Aquatic Ecology

Most of the work in the Mooij group combines fundamental with applied research. A number of research projects deal with large and unique aquatic ecosystems, e.g. IJsselmeer (see projects: ANT-SYSTEM and ANT-SMELT), Lake Victoria (see project: VICTORIA) and The Everglades (see project: EVERKITE).

Recently, a project on Dutch lakes (see project: PCLAKE) and linear waters (see project: PCDITCH) was started. The strength is in the width of approaches that is applied. Stoichiometrically explicit ecosystems models composed of many coupled differential equations are used to study the main nutrients flows through the food web. Rosenzweig-MacArthur type of models are used to zoom in on specific consumer-resource interactions (see project: BIOPOOL) and to study the behavior of the system as a whole at a high level of abstraction. Individual-based models are used to study trait-mediated interactions in food webs, animal movement and small populations.


  • Aquatic food web dynamics
  • Ecology of fish and zooplankton; Restoration ecology
  • Ecosystem modeling of lakes and linear waters
  • Individual-based modeling of animal populations
  • Mathematical modeling of consumer-resource interactions
  • Statistics        

From outside NIOO

Andrea Downing (WUR, VICTORIA), Jochem 't Hoen (WUR, ANT-SYSTEM), Marieke Keller (IMARES, ANT-SMELT), Daan Gerla (BIOPOOL)

Former group members

Lisette de Senerpont Domis, Katrin Meyer, Irene van der Stap, Stephan Huelsman, Matthijs Vos, Peter Schippers, Frans van den Berg, Jules van Rooij, Anke Weber


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