New Board of Management KNAW appointed

Vlnr Geert de Snoo, Adriana Esmeijer, Iwan Holleman

New Board of Management KNAW appointed

NIOO director will become KNAW's Director of Research Policy

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The  Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences announced the appointment of three members of the Board of Management, effective 1 October 2024. The current director of NIOO Geert de Snoo has been appointed Director of Research Policy, Adriana Esmeijer Director of General Affairs, Iwan Holleman Director of Operational Management. The new Board of Management succeeds the Academy’s acting Board. 

Marileen Dogterom, Academy President: “The arrival of the new consensus-based Board of Management marks an important step for the Academy and its institutes. I have the utmost confidence in their extensive and complementary experience and look forward to an inspiring partnership with them.”


Consensus-based Board of Management

Geert de Snoo is the director of the Netherlands Institute of Ecology, part of the Academy. He is also professor of Environmental Biology at Leiden University. The primary focus of his research is the protection of biodiversity in human-dominated landscapes. De Snoo is currently a member of the Dutch Council on Animal Affairs and the Dutch Biology Council. 

Geert de Snoo: “I am eager to promote the Academy’s research in the broader sense. As a group, the Academy institutes conduct cutting-edge research in the life sciences, the social sciences and the humanities. We manage an important national infrastructure and share our expertise with society in numerous ways.” 

Adriana Esmeijer studied Journalism and Public Information and then majored in Language and Literature Studies at Tilburg University. She holds a PhD in Science Communication from VU University Amsterdam and served as director and board member of the Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds for 19 years.  Her career has consistently combined education, science and philanthropy, for example as board member and supervisory director of the Dutch public broadcasting service NOS, the Dutch Research Council, the National Centre of Expertise on Science & Society, ArtEZ University of the Arts, Amsterdam University of the Arts, Tilburg University, the Elisabeth Strouven Fund, the BerchHeemstede Fund, and the Postcode Lottery Group. 

Adriana Esmeijer: “I find the position of Director of General Affairs very appealing because of the Academy’s special role in and importance to society. The Academy is unique in the manner in which it fulfils that role: it not only serves as the custodian, driver, liaison and interpreter of research and the results of outstanding research, as well as researchers themselves, but it also communicates the importance of scientific and scholarly knowledge for society. This position gives me a unique opportunity to work in both domains, in both science and the arts. My knowledge and experience in the field of science communication and philanthropy, and particularly in managing many funds and prizes, will certainly be helpful in that regard.”  

Iwan Holleman studied Experimental Physics at Radboud University Nijmegen and holds a PhD in the Dynamics of Football Molecules. After working as a senior scientist with the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute, where he investigated precipitation and hazardous weather radar applications, he returned to Radboud University and served as a board member and director in various capacities, including in the Faculty of Science. His interests lie in promoting the societal impact of science at the interface between operational management and research & education. In 2020, Holleman took up the post of Director of Information & Library Services division, a position in which he also serves as the university’s CIO and Head Librarian.

Iwan Holleman: “I am looking forward to getting down to work at the Academy with the other members of the new Board of Management. There will be many challenges for us to tackle, but I also expect many wonderful and enjoyable experiences. In terms of operational management, I will focus on the challenges the Academy faces right now but also on aligning as closely as possible with the Academy’s core tasks.”