Research data

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Research data

NIOO scientists collect research data based on experiments, field work, lab work, observational studies and so on. These data are collected in datasets.

Datasets with the original data are archived in the NIOO primary data portal, so that the data can be reused by NIOO researchers or others. Analysed and processed datasets that are linked to publications are archived in DataverseNL or DataDryad. In the KNAW research portal (PURE) you can find the links to published datasets that belong to a publication. 

Long-term data collections

NIOO has a strong track-record in long-term ecological research. These long-term data collections are of great importance for the research field of ecology, as many ecological processes occur over extended time periods. A number of our long-term historical datasets have been digitized as part of the KNAW project 'Pearls of Data'. These datasets are available via DANS, the Dutch national centre of expertise and repository for research data: