Observations National Soil Animal Days 2023

Mier aan het werk
© Theodoor Heijerman/compilatie NIOO

Observations National Soil Animal Days 2023


Every year around World Animal Day, it's time to go on safari in your own garden - looking for the all-important but often overlooked soil animals. 2023 will mark the 9th edition of the Dutch Soil Animal Days. The annual event, organised by NIOO and a growing number of partners, is still welcoming observations. All observations up to and including 31 October will count for the national Soil Animal Top 3 of 2023.

If you're in the Netherlands and have access to a garden, park or schoolyard, you can join our citizen science project by downloading the chart and looking for soil animals.

More details of how, what and where areĀ on the special Bodemdierendagen-website.

Good luck!