Interactive lunch seminar: code standardisation and code peer review

Open Science Community Wageningen

Interactive lunch seminar: code standardisation and code peer review


Do you sometimes struggle with reproducing someone else’s code or understanding the code you wrote yourself a few months ago? You are not alone. Interested in learning more about code standardisation and code peer review? Join our interactive Open Science Community Wageningen (OSC-W) lunch seminar Bring your lunch and laptop!

Modern-day scientists increasingly rely on code to wrangle, visualise, and analyse data, but these codes are often not free of hurdles and not readily applicable to your own data. In our new project, CoreBirds, we will create a library of documented and peer-reviewed codes. This library builds upon SPI-Birds, a grassroots initiative connecting those working on populations of individually-marked breeding birds, in which we build standardisation workflows to make data collected from these bird populations FAIR.

Presenters are NIOO scientists Stefan Vriend and Joey Burant. Stefan is data manager and developer at SPI-Birds and Coordinator Veluwe for LTER-LIFE, with a background in spatial ecology and population ecology.  Joey is population ecologist and data enthusiast focussed on linking individual traits to population dynamics in the Department of Animal Ecology at NIOO-KNAW.