Andrea Budiša

Dr. Andrea Budiša

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Visiting Address

Droevendaalsesteeg 10
6708 PB Wageningen

+31 (0) 317 47 34 00

The Netherlands


My current research is focused on responses of harmful marine algae to multiple climate change-associated factors.


I am a marine scientist with a PhD in Oceanology and a double master’s in biology. My interests lie in interdisciplinary research of ecosystem perturbations and trophic responses. I have joined the Van de Waal – Phytoplankton Group at the Aquatic Department of NIOO as a postdoc to study harmful marine algae blooms (HABs) in relation to climate change as a part of the ACTNOW project. My earlier research includes in and ex situ studies of the other parts of the plankton community, particularly culturable autotrophs and gelatinous zooplankton (GZ), as a part of several scientific and monitoring projects in the Adriatic Sea. Both HABs and GZ can exert adverse effects on ecosystem services. Thus, I study those seemingly sudden and enigmatic phenomena to understand their role in changing marine environments under anthropogenic pressure. 

Projects & collaborations


  • Climate change impacts on harmful algal blooms

    Project 2022–Present
    Harmful cyanobacterial blooms produce toxins that are a major threat to water quality and human health. Blooms increase with eutrophication and are expected to be amplified by climate change. Yet, we lack a mechanistic understanding on the toxicity of blooms, and their response to the complex interplay of multiple global change factors. Bloom toxicity is determined by a combination of mechanisms acting at different ecological scales, ranging from cyanobacterial biomass accumulation in the ecosystem, to the dominance of toxic species in the community, contribution of toxic genotypes in the population, and the amounts of toxins in cells.
    Cyanobacterial bloom