Bij het NIOO zijn veel belangrijke onderzoeksfaciliteiten voor ecologisch onderzoek te vinden: van experimentele mini-meren tot onderzoeksboten, en van living labs tot collecties.  

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  1. Aqua-flex Arena: Outdoor mesocosms

    The Aqua-flex Arena is a fenced terrain (2500 m2; 80 x 32m) for performing outdoor mesoscosm experiments throughout the year, in the immediate promixity of the NIOO Aquatic Laboratories. Experiments can be performed with > 100 experimental units. There is great flexibility in the spatial set up of experimental units.
    Outdoor mesocoms
  2. Mesocosms for soil-plant-insect interactions

    A total of 40 mesocosms are distributed in five rows of eight mesocosms with a spacing of 0.5 m between them. In spring/summer we grow plant species that are currently expanding their range within Europe and species that belong to the same genus while being native in the Netherlands.
    Mesocosms soil-plant-insect interactions
  3. Soil ecotron

    The ecotron consists of 60 cilinders with intact (non-disturbed) sand, peat or sea clay cores (20 each). For each soil treatment, ten of the cilinders are inoculated with soil from species-rich grassland with the same soil type. The other ten are inoculated with sterile soil from the same grassland. The cilinders are buried in an experimental garden.
    Bodembiodiversiteit onderzoeken
  4. Waterfowl facility

    This is a facility for keeping waterfowl for behavioural and physiological research. The facility consists of an outdoor aviary and a building for birds indoors.
    Water fowl facility