Perro de Jong

Drs. Perro de Jong


Droevendaalsesteeg 10
6708 PB Wageningen

+31 (0) 317 47 34 00

The Netherlands



I'm part of a small team that looks after the NIOO website. I love to write, but also to troubleshoot and solve technical puzzles. At NIOO I can do both while staying in touch with some of my other passions: photography, translation and wetland landscapes.


Perro de Jong joined NIOO in 2013, after nearly twenty years as a radio and web journalist for international media. At the institute, he helps to run and adapt the website's CMS (Content Management System) while also writing in both Dutch and English about everything from big outreach events to hardcore ecological science.

One of the connections between his journalism and his work at NIOO has been a love of wetland landscapes - in particular those of the west of Ireland and the Dutch Wadden islands. They're also a recurring theme in his photographic work, both at and outside NIOO.

Marker Wadden 2018
Perro de Jong
Marker Wadden 2018
Perro de Jong
Aran Islands 2021

As a radio journalist making documentaries in both English and Dutch, Perro travelled throughout northern and western Europe - even venturing into the Arctic circle several times.

He has lived and worked in Brussels and Dublin, and uses this experience and his translation skills to help bridge the gaps between Dutch culture and NIOO's international outlook.



  • 2013–Present
    Web editor, NIOO-KNAW Wageningen
  • 2012–2014
    Trainer, RNTC Hilversum
  • 2009–2012
    Web editor & online community manager, Radio Netherlands International
  • 2006–2010
    Europe editor, Radio Netherlands International
  • 1994–2006
    Journalist and presenter for international media including RNW, BBC, Newstalk IE
  • 1993–1994
    European Radio International, Brussels


  • 2012
    Diploma Project Management IPMA-D, ISES
  • 2011
    'Van Deskundige naar Trainer', De Galan School for Training
  • 1986–1991
    MA in English Language & Literature, Utrecht University (cum laude)
  • 1989–1990
    M.Phil in Anglo-Irish Literature, Trinity College Dublin