Han Xu

Han Xu MSc

PhD Candidate


Droevendaalsesteeg 10
6708 PB Wageningen

+31 (0) 317 47 34 00

The Netherlands


Overgrazing degraded grassland restoration


I am a junior researcher with master degree in Agriculture. I have experiences in molecular experiments and analysis, plant tissue culture, field trip survey. I am a PhD candidate working at NIOO in Department of Terrestrial Ecology. The objective of my PhD project is to investigate what the vegetation and soil microbe community will happen under grazing and how grazing influences the aboveground and belowground fauna. I would like to learn how grazing changes the grassland above-below ground communities and the possibilities to regenerate it. I have done many fields works as well as data analysis in grassland and I am specialist in field work design and analysis.


Grassland restoration