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2014 to 2018

There is a substantial data on the relation between the activity of individual microbial species and of communities on the production of greenhouse gases (GHGs). However, the understanding of the interactive networks operating in soil and the impact of bio-based agricultural practices thereon is largely missing. Here we seek here to (i) provide fundamental scientific information on the role of the microbial networks functioning in soil and their relationship with the production of GHGs and (ii) validate the concepts on these networks in a range of Brazilian and Dutch soils and agricultural management systems with different organic matter input rates. In addition, this proposal will allow for the development of optimized management recommendations for fertilizer, vinasse and trash, accountings of ecosystem services provided by bio-energy systems, and the build-up of a scientific basis for a rational bio-based crops management.


Microbiomes, Global environmental change


NWO and FAPESP (Brazil)

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