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2014 to 2018

High biomass production of sugarcane needs input of mineral fertilizers in soil. However, since Brazilian sugarcane production technology aims at a sustainable management by recycling straw and vinasse (byproduct of ethanol industry), less mineral fertilizers can be added to soil. In addition, plant growth promoting bacteria (PGPB) are added to increase plant growth and health. In order to use them as inoculants at a large scale, a more detailed investigation is urgently needed for a better understanding of the effect of these PGPB on plant productivity in soils with different in situ microorganisms. Therefore, we seek to understand the fundamental mechanisms of the interactions between the sugarcane growth promoting bacteria and the rhizomicrobiome in order to improve sugarcane productivity in a sustainable manner.


Microbiomes, Global environmental change


NWO/CNPq (Brazil)

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