Julia Kovacs

Julia Kovacs MSc

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Droevendaalsesteeg 10
6708 PB Wageningen

+31 (0) 317 47 34 00

The Netherlands


Admitting that our knowledge may not be complete on a subject opens the door to better understanding it.


I currently work as a project assistant at the Dutch Centre for Avian Migration and Demography, supporting the work related to two colour ring schemes: submit.cr-birding.org and geese.org. Besides coordinating data exchange between the projects, I am also supporting avian flu related work.

After having worked as a linguist for a few years, I decided to pursue a career in the ecology/nature conservation sector and I left Hungary for Scotland to follow a BSc Hons degree in Conservation Biology and Management at Stirling University. During this time I specialised in tropical ecosystem conservation and bioacoustics. I also completed an MSc degree in Forest and Nature Conservation at Wageningen University and Research in the Netherlands, where I deepened my knowledge on ecosystem conservation, reforestation and population dynamics and I also got a chance to construct a climate window model for two species of bluebirds in search for climate response in their breeding ecology.

I have worked on different projects in research assistant and conservation officer roles all over the world and these experiences have greatly widened my field ecology skill set and made me more open minded and culturally sensitive for which I am grateful. Bird ringing and research have been a part of my life since I turned 11 when I started working as a volunteer at Hungarian bird ringing stations and it stayed consistently an important part of my life, leading up to becoming a member of the Vogeltrekstation team.

Coming from an interdisciplinary background I have worked as communication associate, linguist and teacher before and I attempt to integrate these experiences in any work that I do in order to broaden my horizon and find solutions to problems. I am also a keen advocate for mental health awareness.



  • 2022–Present
    Project assistant - Vogeltrekstation
  • 2017–2018
    Black Parrot Conservation Officer - Seychelles Islands Foundation
  • 2014–2017
    Ecologist - Direct Ecology Ltd
  • 2015–2016
    Research Assistant - University of Hawaii at Hilo
  • 2017
    Field Assistant - Monash University


  • 2019–2021
    MSc Forest and Nature Conservation - Wageningen University & Research
  • 2013–2017
    BSc Hons Conservation Biology and Management - University of Stirling
  • 2007–2011
    BA Germanic philology and education - Eotvos Lorand University