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2013 to 2017

Worldwide, erosion of agricultural soils is a very serious issue leading to loss of organic matter (OM) and associated soil functions leading to lower crop yields. However, soil quality and soil organic matter levels have to be secured which may be achieved through returning biomass from residues becoming available from bio-based production that could be returned to the soil food web. SURESUPPORT seeks to develop a decision support tool to advice on balancing residue removal and recycling and sustainable soil functioning. The role of NIOO within this public-private partnership including companies (BDS, Bioclear, Deltares, Soil Care, Clear Detections) will be to focus on effect of residues on soil gas economy, comprising disease suppressing volatiles as well as GHG (CO2, N2O, CH4) and the bacteria involved.


Restoration Ecology


BE-Basic (Public-Private partnership) and KNAW.

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